Bodyshaping - Cryo 4S

Size Reduction with Cryolipolysis & Muscle Stimulation via EMS

With the Cryo 4S device we able to offer to you sustainable size reduction with cryolipolysis, EMS-muscel training & LED skin treatment at the same time - instantly from your first treatment.
With a well balanced combination of the three technologies, the eight application pads of the CRYO 4S device offer the possibility to select different body areas to be treated at the same time.

cryolipolysis & EMS: Cryo 4SThe CRYO 4S is one of the most modern pieces of technology within the today's cosmetic space.
For highest comfort and efficiency the durations and intensities of cold and EMS can be flexibly adjusted. After the set up of the application pads and the individual adjustments the device independently starts the treatment without the permanent presence of an esthetician. Thus you can relax in privacy while the CRYO 4S takes care of the unloved problem areas.

CRYO 4S: Innovative. Comfortable. Efficient.
Book your first treatment for 129,- EURO only. With this first test you will immediately loose 1-3 cm abdominal girth.
Prior to your first treatment a free of charge consultation will be necessary. Together with you we will thus plan about 30 minutes in addition to the treatment's duration. 


  • Subcutaneous fat cells freeze
  • Fat cells are encouraged to deflation through cold
  • Transformation of white to brown fat cells (permanent effects)
  • Range of operation between 0°C und 2°C
  • Painless Application


  • Muscles constriction stimulated
  • Improvement of blood circulation and thus of lymph flow
  • Support of deflation of fat cells
  • Muscle compression is stimulated
  • Increased energy consumption


  • LED-light 400 nm range
  • Improvement of skin appearance

Please book your appointment via:
Phone: +43 650 320 830 6
or online

*Price for single treatment changed to 129,-€, Oct.19, 22


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