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Poisons have to get out!

BASIC-DETOX can bind toxins such as heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel) and ammonium in the gastrointestinal tract even before they enter the organism through the intestinal wall and endanger your health.

At the same time important minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium are released into the body in traces.

Any contribution to ridding the body of stress counts; such as sufficient exercise, healthy diet and work-life balance. PANACEO BASIC-DETOX is therefore the perfect complement to our whole-body cold therapy as well as cryolipolysis for sustained volume reduction and tightening.

Panaceo Basic-Detox is a natural medical device that acts as a cation exchanger in the gastrointestinal tract and can bind selectively defined pollutants. Panaceo Basic-Detox is based on a natural zeolite clinoptilolite, which is optimized by a unique process called PMA - Panaceo micro-activation (PMA zeolite). The biophysical properties of the natural active are thereby significantly increased in the PMA zeolite. It is known that different, especially recurring physical stresses can lead to a disturbance of the gut wall function (leaky gut syndrome). In Leaky Gut syndrome, the intestinal mucosa is nonphysiologically permeable. As a result, undesirable substances enter the bloodstream. The intestinal wall barrier protects the body from unwanted substances that occur in the intestinal environment. If this barrier is disturbed, the danger increases that pollutants penetrate through the intestinal wall and damage the organism. Panaceo Basic-Detox has been proven to strengthen the physiological bowel wall function and thus the protective wall of the body against foreign substances. In support of the cation exchange under the conditions of the intestinal environment, the PMA zeolite can selectively reduce heavy metals such as Pb, Cd, As, Ni, Cr and ammonium by binding. The PMA zeolite is naturally excreted completely via the stool.

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Panaceo BASIC-DETOX Powder - 400g.
Panaceo Basic Detox: 400g oral powder.
The powder is tasteless and may also be e.g. be stirred in yogurt or juice.

The can contains 400 grams of Basic-Detox zeolite clinoptilolite powder (Flavor neutral)

Approved medical product! 100% nature.

100g powder included:
PMA zeolite 90g
Activated dolomite 10g
(of which calcium 2.2 g, magnesium 1.3 g)

Take 2-3 times a day one level measuring spoon (10 ml) mixed with a little water.

59,90 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Panaceo BASIC-DETOX Capsules - 180 pcs./container
Panaceo Basic-Detox - Natural product as a basis for noticeably more health

Approved medical device! 100% nature.

1 capsule contains:
PMA zeolite 369mg
Activated Dolomite 41mg
(of which calcium 9.18 mg, magnesium 5.23 mg)

Take 3 capsules 3 times a day with a little water.
31,90 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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