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In our studio you will find an extensive range of professional products made in Israel by HolyLand (HL) Cosmetics.

HL Cosmetics develops manufactures and markets an enormous band width of cosmetics products for face and body treatments, for most skin types as well as possible treatments. The different product lines include cosmetics for both the exclusive use within professional institutes and the use at home. During its 30 years plus history of success HL Cosmetics has been able to gather huge experience in the development, production and international sales of highly efficient ingredients and formulars. The products are manufactured in modern production facilities using high quality contents and which fullfil the highest clinical standards of security, activity and efficiency. At the same time environmental friendliness, responsibility and sustainability are crucial to HL which thus has been able to become an internationally leading brand for professional skin care with a reputation for quality, know-how as well as for the development of innovative combinations of active ingredients.

Because of the particularly high efficiency of the products there should always take place a consultation before the use at home. Thus a purchase of the products available in our studio is only possible for clients who have been consulted about the application of the different products prior to their use.

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